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June won't be so hot after all

Weather forecasters have poured cold water on claims the nation is set to bake in June.

A few days of relative sunshine led to headlines of "Flaming June" and sun cream warnings.

But three different forecasters dampened suggestions the summer would be a classic leaving Britons bronzed.

Helen Chivers, of the Met Office, said on Thursday: "We are not seeing the hot spell lasting terribly long. For pretty much all the UK we have currently got a couple of days of predominantly dry weather.

"Temperatures today should be reaching the mid 20s; pretty much everywhere will be the low to mid 20s. The highest temperatures today will be in eastern parts of Scotland, Aberdeenshire should see temperatures up to 26c. We can expect 25c in Newcastle, Nottingham and in London as well."

Accurate long forecasts are not possible. But the forecaster rejected the idea that tennis players would struggle under the sun at Wimbledon and rock stars would dehydrate at Glastonbury.

Forecasting between June 16 and 30 - taking in both events, she said: "UK sunshine amounts are slightly above average and temperatures around the UK look to be normal so that's why we are concerned about some of the headlines coming out.

"The fine weather we are having at the moment won't last that long. Early next week north-westerly winds are likely to bring outbreaks of rain as well so make the best of the sunshine across the next few days."

Billy Payne, of Meteogroup, the Press Association's weather centre, said: "Next week is looking quite doesn't look like it's going to be anything special."

The Weather Outlook said the summer's hottest temperature could be 33c (91f) in the south "but the general picture is for a mixed season, and one which will not be remembered as a classic".


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