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Kate sees the funny side as archery efforts fall some way short of target

By Tony Jones

The Duchess of Cambridge had a fit of the giggles when she tried her hand at Bhutan's national sport of archery - and saw her arrow fall way short of the target.

William and Kate renewed their sporting rivalry when they took up bamboo bows under the watchful eye of the King of Bhutan's half-brother Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, on the first day of their tour of the country.

When Kate stepped up William gave her a few tips on how to hold the simple bow, and said: "You'll be fine. You should try to shoot up in the air." But she was left howling with laughter when her effort thudded metres from the target.

The couple were no more successful when they tried out khuru, the nation's second most popular sport, which was developed by cow herders who would fashion large darts out of tree branches and bird feathers. When Kate had a go she nearly scored a direct hit on a group of women players. Her dart fell just short of one of them and a second attempt went wide and she called out: "So sorry."

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