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Kendrick Lamar takes aim at Fox News and Donald Trump in political new album


Kendrick Lamar has launched a new album

Kendrick Lamar has launched a new album

Kendrick Lamar has launched a new album

Kendrick Lamar has unleashed a musical attack on everything from Fox News to Donald Trump in his hard-hitting new album.

Damn., released in the UK on Friday morning, brought fans a politically charged start to the Easter weekend, as well as collaborations with the likes of U2 and Rihanna.

The American rapper starts the album with an apparent pop at the news channel, which publicly slammed his song Alright that commented on police brutality.

Blood appears to feature a sample from the programme, in which broadcaster Geraldo Rivera claimed that Lamar's work did "more damage to young African Americans than racism".

Lamar also makes his views on the current US presidency clear in more than one track, singing in XXX: "Donald Trump's in office, we lost Barack and promised never to doubt him again, but is America honest or do we bask in sin?"

But the downbeat theme is slightly lifted by the unlikely contribution from Irish rockers U2, providing a slow jazz-style verse with the lyrics: "This country is to be a sound of drum and bass, you close your eyes to look around".

Rihanna's appearance comes in track six, Loyalty, where the hit artist sings about how it's "so hard to be humble".

The collection of uncensored topics, guest artists and range of music technique have proved a winning combination for Lamar, with fans even describing him as a life-changing artist.

Among those who woke up in the early hours to listen to the new collection, one posted on Twitter: "Kendrick Lamar just made me rethink my purpose in life. #DAMN."

Another posted: "Kendrick Lamar has officially solidified himself as the best rapper alive!" while another commented: "2 songs into the album and it's already album of the year."

It looks like Damn. will be the soundtrack of the day for some people, as one person posted: "If my neighbors didn't hear Kendrick Lamar's new album yet they are about to be in for a real treat. Speakers cranked to max."