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Kite-boarder claims speed record

A kite-boarder believes he has set a record for the fastest speed on land.

Steve Smith, from Christchurch, Dorset, reached 36.07mph on his land kite-board during his attempt to set the record on the beach at Hayling Island, Hampshire last Thursday.

He used speed-testing equipment supplied by Datron Technology and is submitting the results to Guinness World Records for official verification.

The 25-year-old said: "I was pleased. We have been practising with our own GPS system and have reached over 40mph but because of the conditions I wasn't expecting to be able to do it so I was quite surprised that I had just about managed it.

"It was a relief, really, after all the effort we put into it."

He said that he anticipated the speed would set a new record which Guinness stipulated had to be above 35mph.

However, his friend Lawrence Toogood, from Verwood, Dorset, was not successful in setting his own record in a kite-powered land buggy.


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