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Labour urged to ditch Hoey along with spin doctor Campbell

Kate Hoey
Kate Hoey

By Steven Alexander

The expulsion of Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell from Labour for backing the Liberal Democrats in the European elections has sparked calls for Northern Ireland-born MP Kate Hoey to be next.

Vauxhall MP Ms Hoey, originally from Co Antrim, is a leading Brexiteer who has campaigned alongside Nigel Farage.

Campbell, a leading campaigner for a second EU referendum, told reporters he will appeal against Labour's decision to expel him.

"You can interpret the rules in all sorts of different ways, but one thing I know is I'm not going to leave the party just because some random email comes in telling me that I've been expelled," he said.

"So I will definitely appeal against it and we will see where that goes."

Labour has said "support for another political party or candidate is incompatible with party membership".

The move against Mr Campbell sparked a backlash against Ms Hoey, who was trending on Twitter's UK top 10 last night.

Ms Hoey campaigned with Mr Farage in September 2018 for Leave Means Leave, a cross-party group, and was pictured with him during a Vote Leave campaign event on a boat on the River Thames before the EU referendum in 2016.

In a post-election article on Brexit Central website, she wrote: "We don't have to celebrate the success of the Brexit Party, but we do need to acknowledge it."

She added that "it makes sense to me that the Brexit Party should be included in the negotiations going forward" and "it was surprising that any (Labour Leavers) voted Labour".

One Labour supporter wrote: "She's an activist in all but name. She attends and speaks at events run by Brexit Party members.

"And yet as far as we know she's never been held to account. Meanwhile @campbellclaret (Campbell's Twitter handle) gets thrown out."

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