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Last-time buyers are 'real issue' in housing shortage

The focus on tackling the housing shortage could be moved away from first time-buyers to older people who have paid off their mortgages, an official has suggested.

There is a "real issue" with so-called last-time buyers, a mortgage sector manager at the Financial Conduct Authority reportedly told a conference.

Lynda Blackwell called for a debate on the issue, the Daily Mail reported, suggesting building more housing for retired people could encourage older people to move out of their big homes after paying off their mortgages.

She said: " Does there need to be thought given to trying to encourage older persons to actually move away - build proper housing for retired people in the right places?

"There is a debate to be had about whether the Government's focus is actually in the right place."

The average price of a UK property is more than £204,000, according to a report out last week.

Halifax said a record low number of homes for sale had helped push the average up.

The bank said a shortage of second-hand properties on the market combined with the economic recovery and low mortgage rates are behind the demand.


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