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Legal high Ivory Wave to be banned

The so-called legal high Ivory Wave will become a class B controlled drug, the Government has said.

The move comes after the Government's drugs advisers said it should be banned.

An order making the substance illegal will be put before Parliament this autumn, the Home Office said.

The advisers on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) said the health effects of the substances in Ivory Wave "correspond with those related to other class B drugs and have the potential to cause harm".

The National Poisons Information Service in Edinburgh highlighted a number of cases from last summer in which patients reported symptoms including hallucinations, paranoia and severe agitation following the use of 2-DPMP, the advisers said.

In some cases the symptoms were still being felt between five and seven days after the initial use of the drug, they added.

Crime Prevention Minister Baroness Browning said: "The ACMD's advice on Ivory Wave reinforces what we already know - that substances touted as 'legal highs' contain dangerous and potentially illegal substances.

"Young people in particular may often equate legal with 'safe' and are quite simply playing a high risk game of lottery by taking substances without knowing what they contain or their potentially harmful effects."

She went on: "We are determined to tackle the harms posed by these drugs and prevent them gaining a foothold in the UK. The generic definition will ensure those trying to profit from this market cannot get round the ban.

"Controlling these substances sends a clear message to users, including young people who may be considering using them, as well as to those producing and supplying them."


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