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Lego Movie kit and rock chimp among top treats at toy fair

The toys with the potential to be best-sellers in 2019 have been unveiled at the opening of the Toy Fair in London.

Mookie Toys’ Chimpy, which is among the toys expected to be potential best-sellers this year (Bastion PR/PA)
Mookie Toys’ Chimpy, which is among the toys expected to be potential best-sellers this year (Bastion PR/PA)

A Lego Movie-making set, a rock and roll chimp and giant inflatables were among the biggest announcements on the first day of the 66th annual toy fair.

Here are some of the most exciting new toys seen at the fair on Tuesday:

Lego Movie 2:

The Lego Movie Maker set which is among the toys expected to be potential best-sellers this year (Bastion PR/PA)

Lego Movie 2 hits the big screen on February 8, and Lego hs announced a new movie-making set. This will allow children to make their own films using the Lego Movie Maker app on their phones with different backdrops and a number of figures and props.

The app will allow editing and the chance to see the completed film. They have also unveiled the Rexcelsior! – the spacecraft which will feature in the upcoming movie. It will also have many micro objects inside to build, as well as two figures who will use the spaceship in the film.

Shaped like a fist with 1,820 pieces, measuring 19cm high, 40cm long, and 21cm wide, the set will cost £139.99.

Ryan’s World toys:

The Ryan’s World Mystery Egg (Bastion PR/PA)

The seven-year-old YouTube millionaire behind Ryan ToysReview has teamed up with Pocketwatch to introduce a range of new toys. The biggest items on offer include the Skateboard Stunt Panda from £59.99 and trucks from £19.99.

The young vlogger’s channel commands 1.1 billion views a month and collectable toys firm Amerang is confident the products will be a hit among his 17.9 million subscribers.


Alpha Group’s Massive Monster Mayhem inflatable armour suit (Bastion PR/PA)

Some of the best inflatable toys on offer come from Alpha group with Airnormous, featuring WWE inspired belts, weapons and John Cena fists. One belt has sound effects, including some of the most popular phrases in wrestling.

The firm is also launching inflatable items from the CITV hit show Monster Mayhem, with weapons and armour to challenge friends. The 2019 roleplay power range includes bash weapons and power punchers, allowing children to recreate scenes from the TV show.


MyUnicorn (Ted Hennessey/PA)

Aiming to conquer UK the musical market in 2019 is Dutch firm iDance, which has produced the Megabox 500, a musical box which can be carried like a rucksack with Bluetooth connection. It will cost £149.

The firm also believes that 2019 will be the year of the unicorn, backing up the claim with its new light-up musical product. With Bluetooth connection, MyUnicorn will allow you to play music just before bed time. There will also be a cat, dog and bear at £29.


Collectibles on show at the Toy Fair (Ted Hennessey/PA)

The best collectibles on offer came from Amerang, which had many figures on show from the blockbuster epic Avengers: Infinity War – including Captain America, Iron Spider and Thanos. Drawing large crowds, the models will target collectors from the older market.

The event will run for two more days.



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