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Leveson: LOL over Cameron's lots of love to Rebekah Brooks

The last thing on David Cameron's mind as Rebekah Brooks took her seat at the Leveson Inquiry today was his street cred with the UK's youth - which is just as well considering it has just hit rock bottom

Ms Brooks disclosed details of her meetings with senior politicians over more than a decade, although she stressed that they were merely from her secretary's diary and "very incomplete".

She met or dined with Mr Blair at least 30 times between 1998 and 2007, including three times in June 2008.

But Ms Brooks said there were only around three occasions when they dined alone.

After Mr Brown took over as Prime Minister in 2007, they met or dined at least five times including once at the Browns' home.

Ms Brooks recorded one lunch and four dinners with Mr Cameron in 2010, after he had taken power. One was the widely-reported Christmas dinner party at the Brooks' Oxfordshire home on December 23.

Mrs Brooks dismissed reports that Mr Cameron would text her 12 times a day.

"No, thankfully," she said. "I have read this as well, 12 times a day. It is preposterous.

"I would text Mr Cameron, and vice-versa on occasion, like a lot of people. Probably more between January 2010 and maybe during the election campaign.

"He would sign them off DC, in the main. Occasionally he would sign them off 'lol', lots of love. Until I told him it meant 'laugh out loud'."

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