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Lib Dems 'reaching out' to disgruntled Labour MPs

By Staff Reporter

Tim Farron has dismissed suggestions that a new political party could be formed to bring together Liberal Democrats and Labour MPs concerned about Jeremy Corbyn's policies.

The Lib Dem, responding to earlier claims by Sir Vince Cable, said he wanted to reach out to members of existing parties to join the Liberal Democrats rather than create a new group.

He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: "My sense is that there are liberals in other parties who are not yet Liberal Democrats. I want to reach out to them.

"There is a vast space in British politics for a party that is socially just and economically credible. We are determined to fill that space. The Tories must not be allowed to get away with the things they are doing without being credibly opposed."

Following speculation about defections, Mr Farron later refused to reveal how many Labour MPs had approached him after Mr Corbyn's win. He said: "I'm not a home-wrecker for Labour. It's not fair that I put those people under pressure.

"The angst of many people who have worked in the Labour Party for years and feel that it has dramatically changed into something they don't believe in is real, and I think we should have empathy and sympathy."

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