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Life term for 'depraved' sex killer

A depraved killer who sexually assaulted and murdered his step-grandmother after accessing hardcore pornography has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 21 years and eight months.

Jack Huxley, 20, murdered 62-year-old Janis Dundas at her home in Atherton Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, after she had taken him in "out of the goodness of her heart", Liverpool Crown Court heard.

The pensioner was found by police officers face down in a pool of blood in her bedroom with three knives protruding from her back. She had been mutilated, stabbed and slashed 28 times and had suffered a sexual assault.

The court heard how Huxley accessed pornography showing sex between young men and mature women in the hours before and after the murder.

Sentencing Huxley, the Recorder of Liverpool Judge Clement Goldstone said the killing "plumbed the depths of depravity and brutality".

The defendant, who had taken a cocktail of alcohol and drugs at the time of the murder, was sentenced after pleading guilty to murder yesterday.

Huxley, with short cropped brown hair and wearing a white shirt, held his head in his hands throughout the hearing.

Judge Goldstone said Mrs Dundas offered Huxley lodging after he had been made an "outcast" by his family due to his reliance on drink and drugs.

"Within less than 24 hours you were to repay that kindness and common decency in a way which was as inhuman as it was gratuitously violent," Judge Goldstone said.

The judge said that on the night he had been welcomed into the victim's home the defendant did not go to bed.

"Instead you searched Janis Dundas's computer for hardcore pornographic websites - not just any hardcore pornographic websites, but those which in some respects were able to satisfy an interest in sexual activity between young men and women of a mature age," he said.

The court heard that earlier that day, April 4, the defendant carried out the same searches on his own laptop as well as using the victim's computer to carry out more porn searches of that nature after he had murdered her.

Judge Goldstone said: "I am sure that on that night you spent some considerable time on such websites... in order to arouse yourself sexually with a view to having intercourse with her."

The judge said he was "in no doubt whatsoever" that Huxley not only planned to have sex with his step- grandmother but that he did have penetrative sex with her that night.

He added: "I am sure that, in fact, your sexual assault upon her began and continued either whilst she was asleep or not responding."

He said one of the reasons he carried out the assault was his apparent inability to form a sexual relationship or any meaningful relationship with a girl of his own age.

The court heard that after the sexual assault Huxley armed himself with four kitchen knives and a skewer and went on to murder and mutilate his step-grandmother.

The judge said only Huxley knew why he had murdered Mrs Dundas but he said there could only be two reasons: "Either you were so frustrated by the unsatisfactory sex that had taken place, or you were so disgusted by what you had done that you decided, there and then, to kill her."

Huxley launched an attack of "massive ferocity" which continued after Mrs Dundas died, the court heard.

Huxley dragged the pensioner's body off the bed and on to the floor and carried on stabbing her, leaving four knives sticking out of her back.

He also tried to "impale" her foot to the floor, the court heard.

After the murder Huxley tried to carry out a quick clean-up of the flat before again viewing hardcore pornography and finally fleeing the flat, stealing the victim's mobile telephone, credit card, cash and her car which he went on to crash.

He was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and was found to be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, mephedrone, and prescription drugs taken from the victim's home.

After his arrest Huxley tried to "blacken" Mrs Dundas's character by claiming he killed her in self-defence after she tried to sexually assault and attack him.

He also claimed he had seen a "masked stranger" before he changed his plea to guilty.

The court heard that Huxley, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, had a "difficult and troubled" childhood and that he was "vulnerable to psychotic symptoms" and was clinically depressed and immature.

The court also heard that he suffered from neuro-developmental disorder and substance use disorder.

Judge Goldstone described Mrs Dundas, a retired mental health nurse, as a "devoted" mother and grandmother and said her family had been left "devastated" by the loss.

After the sentencing, Jessica Knight, Mrs Dundas's daughter, said: "She was a mummy, a grandmother, sister and daughter, a clever and insightful woman murdered so brutally by a man she had invited into her home.

"Her murder has left a deep and dark hole in our lives. The sentence imposed in some ways reflects the gravity of this crime and gives us some consolation."

She added: "Our wonderful life has been shattered and all we can now do is try not to let the incomprehensible actions of one man become our focus.

"Instead, we will try to rejoice in the memories we have of a truly wonderful woman, our beautiful mummy."

Detective Inspector Peter Case, of the Cheshire Police Major Investigation Team, who led the investigation, said Huxley's accessing of hardcore pornography was clearly linked to the murder.

He said: "At the time of her death, Janis was not in the best of health and was recovering from a hip operation which hindered her mobility.

"Janis lived in a one bedroom flat, but despite this she agreed to let Jack Huxley sleep in her living room as she wanted to help him. Tragically Janis did not know that Huxley had a fascination with internet porn, particularly ones which involved older women.

"While Janis was in bed Huxley trawled the internet for porn and then brutally murdered her while she slept. Huxley then mutilated her after her death. He then washed himself of any traces of blood, got dressed and stole property from her home, including her car.

"To avoid detection he secured the flat and fled the scene in Janis's car. However having travelled a short distance from Janis's home he crashed it and was arrested by police."

Mr Case added: "Evidence suggests that Jack Huxley had a sexual motive for killing Janis; he visited pornographic websites both before and after he murdered her.

"This was a truly shocking case and Jack Huxley has shown no remorse throughout this investigation. The level of violence used to kill Janis and her post-death mutilation has shocked all those involved in this investigation, many of whom have worked on numerous homicide inquiries. Our thoughts go to the family of Janis who now have to try and rebuild their lives after such a traumatic event."

Gary Simpson, senior crown prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "This was a case of a Good Samaritan who was brutally murdered for her trouble.

"Jack Huxley turned up on Janis Dundas's doorstep with nowhere to stay and she took him in. She spent most of the day before her death trying to find a put-me-up bed for him to sleep on.

"That night she was killed by the relative she had tried to help. The hard work of Cheshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service has meant that man is now behind bars for a considerable period of time."


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