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Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers in 102-house property empire battle with estranged wife

By Claire McNeilly

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is battling with estranged wife Susan over the carve-up of their property empire - which consists of 102 houses.

The huge portfolio owned by the feuding couple emerged in a hearing in the High Court in London earlier this week.

Susan Rodgers (40) is believed to have demanded 50% of the property and half of the Ulsterman's future earnings in a bitter divorce settlement which could end up costing the Premier League football boss somewhere in the region of £8.5m.

The property portfolio, which was built up over two decades, is so large it will cost the Rodgers £32,000 just to have its value independently assessed.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that Carnlough man Rodgers will have earned some £20m as Liverpool manager by the time his contract expires in 2018. Even if he is sacked before then - and Rodgers is under pressure following a poor third season at Anfield - his contract is likely to be paid up in full.

Rodgers split with his wife early last year after 24 years together, 14 of them as a married couple. The pair have two children, Anton (20) and a 17-year-old daughter Mischa.

The 42-year-old, who moved from the family home into a £1.2m Merseyside apartment, has been dating 31-year-old Charlotte Searle, a former travel co-ordinator at Liverpool FC, since last summer. Ms Searle has a young daughter by her former husband Steven Hind.

As details of the Rodgers' messy break-up emerged in court, the pair sat 15ft apart but did not look at each other as lawyers explained they were locked in a "financial dispute resolution".

The court will rule on how much Susan, who met her husband when he was a young professional footballer with Reading, gets of Rodgers' future salary and for how long.

A family law expert said: "I would expect her to be trying for half his wages."

Since the relationship broke down Rodgers is said to have undergone an image makeover, including spending thousands of pounds having his teeth whitened and losing weight. Ms Searle spilt up with her husband in 2013 after a marriage that lasted only 17 months.

It was a bitter break-up, and Mr Hind (32) was handed a restraining order after sending a series of angry text messages to his ex-wife. Ms Searle had applied for a non-molestation order forbidding him from contacting her or going within 50 metres of her home in Southport.

The Rodgers' split came just 18 months after they were depicted on a fly-on-the-wall documentary as a happily married couple, with the narrator stating: "Rodgers has been with Susan since his teens and remains devoted to her. She's not some trophy wife he picked up after he had attained a bit of fame."

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