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Lockerbie questions for Libyan defector

By Andrew Grice and Donald Macintyre

Scottish officials have arrived in London to question the highest profile Libyan defector and former Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa on what he knows about the Lockerbie bombing.

The interview comes amid mounting demands by MPs and families of the victims of Libyan-sponsored state terrorism that Mr Koussa should not be granted immunity from prosecution, even if there have been attempts to encourage other figures in the Gaddafi regime to defect.

Despite reports that Mr Koussa is named in court documents as overseeing Libya's supply of Semtex explosive to the IRA, British officials will seek to delay any legal moves against him, arguing that the immediate priority is to oust Colonel Gaddafi. Fresh evidence came to light yesterday that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, one of the dictator's sons, was seeking to broker a deal which would see him take control of a transition to a constitutional democracy.

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