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London: Police 'ignored' alarm in Hatton Garden raid

By Staff Reporter

Police were told a burglar alarm had gone off at the scene of the Hatton Garden safety deposit box raid but they decided it did not require a response, it has emerged.

A security firm raised the alarm about an intruder alert shortly after midnight on Good Friday, but the call was graded in a way that "meant that no police response was deemed to be required".

It was not until Tuesday morning that the audacious break-in in London's jewellery district was discovered.

It has also been revealed that a total of 72 safety deposit boxes were opened.

Five were vacant and 11 were due to be "drilled out" because of non-payment of fees, meaning detectives are attempting to contact 56 box-holders.

Police insisted it was too early to say if the handling of the call had an impact on the outcome.

However, the revelations are likely to only compound the anger voiced by many of the potential victims.

Michael Miller, from Knightsbridge, who may have lost £50,000 in uninsured jewellery, said: "I am just so shocked and disappointed to hear the police didn't answer that alarm.

"I mean, before we thought maybe the police didn't even know about that, but now we know that they knew something was wrong."

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