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London's calling for giant Mona Lisa mosaic

By Robert Dex

A Plumbridge artist has been revealed as the mastermind behind a huge Mona Lisa mosaic after the famous painting was named the nation's favourite portrait.

Quentin Devine created the canvas using 84 individual self-portraits submitted to Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of the Year competition.

The homage to Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece stands on a 14-metre high easel in Clapham in south London and measures five metres by seven metres – 85 times bigger than the original portrait hanging in the Louvre.

Mr Devine (36) spent a painstaking two months designing and building the piece of giant artwork.

"It was a hard task and takes a lot of time and practice because it can be very time consuming, but it paid off in the end," he said.

"It has been one of the largest-scale digital art projects I've worked on in my 13 years of being a multimedia artist.

"I used the same practice as I do with my coin art.

"I bring the pixel resolution down and make it as small as possible and then I blew it up.

"I then cross-reference it with all the pictures that I have.

"I have been given many design challenges including a giant monument of Roy Hodgson which was the same size as the Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue," he added.

The Tyrone man – who lives in Surrey with his wife – has been creating the 'crazy PR stunts' for a number of years.

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