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Lord Sugar's praise for new college


Lord Sugar opened a new college in north London

Lord Sugar opened a new college in north London

Lord Sugar opened a new college in north London

Lord Sugar has issued a rallying cry to students to make the most of their time in education, understand how lucky they are and aim high in life.

The peer, who was officially opening a state-of-the-art new technical college in Tottenham, called on students to "exploit the millions of pounds that have been put into this, suck it in and absorb it".

Speaking to the students at the University Technical College in north London, Lord Sugar said: "I'm like you, I am no different than you, I came from the same places that you came from. That's what you've got to aspire to.

"It's a real eye opener for me coming here today. I'm quite shocked by the amount of investment that's been put into it.

"The learning facilities are outstanding. You'd be lucky if you came here and should be thankful if you've been able to learn in this 21st century facility. You should absorb it and take full advantage of it."

The college, which specialises in technology and science for sport, health and engineering, is sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and has been built next to the stadium at White Hart Lane.

A long-time supporter of Tottenham Hotspur and former chairman of the club, Lord Sugar has thrown his support behind this new technology college, saying the club has done "a great public service" in investing in it.

Lord Sugar, who sold his majority stake at Tottenham in 2001, toured the college next to his beloved team's ground and answered questions from students and staff.

Lord Sugar praised his old club for its involvement with the college, saying: "I'm a local boy from the area, a long-time supporter of the club and a one-time chairman.

"This project would not have been possible if it weren't for the club. The investment they have put into developing the whole area has made this possible.

"Football gets a bad name sometimes but with this they've done a great public service."

He added: "But I'd like to see the stadium built now!"