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Lost seal Dumbledore has pneumonia

A lost seal which was discovered in a farmer's field has been diagnosed with pneumonia but is on the road to recovery.

The animal, now named Dumbledore, was found stranded in a field in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, at least 20 miles (32km) from the sea on December 22.

He was rescued and taken to the RSPCA's specialist seal facility in East Winch, Norfolk, the following day.

After being examined by a vet and undergoing tests and X-rays, staff at the centre are now treating the adult grey seal for pneumonia.

Sue Levings, who is based at East Winch, said: "Dumbledore has undergone X-rays which thankfully have shown no signs of being shot - which was one of our worries.

"However, vets have found he is suffering from pneumonia and he is currently receiving treatment for that.

"He is much more settled now and still looks very sorry for himself, but other than that he is quite lively.

"He is still very poorly but hopefully with further care and attention from the staff here at RSPCA East Winch he will continue to make a good recovery."


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