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Lots of monkeying around at safari park after baby boom

Blair Drummond has seen five new arrivals in the last two months.

A safari park is celebrating a primate baby boom after two lemurs and three macaques were born in recent weeks.

Baby macaque Bressay was born on Monday at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling.

She is the latest addition to the troop after female Bute entered the world two weeks ago, while male Barra was born two months ago, all three to different mothers.

Bute with his mother Miss Brodie (Andrew Milligan/PA)

There are now 29 monkeys in the macaque troop, which is originally from Gibraltar.

Barra, one of three baby Macaques born recently at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling, jumps from his mother into father's arms as he explores his enclosure (Andrew Milligan/PA)

They arrived at the park in October 2014 following a deal with the Gibraltar government to reduce the territory’s monkey population.

Craig Holmes, of Blair Drummond Safari Park, said: “Barra was our first baby of the year and he is already full of mischief. He spends most of the day being carried around by his mum and is occasionally seen being carried around by the males in the group.

“He plays with the other juveniles, which is where he will learn the social skills he needs as he is growing up.”

Red ruffed lemurs Niiro, a male, and female Mena were born six weeks ago to mother Manja and father Red.

Twin Red ruffed lemurs Niiro and Mena born recently at Blair Drummond Safari Park (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Lisa Smith, head of pets corner, said: “We are delighted that after successfully rearing a single baby last year for the first time, Manja is managing to rear twins.

“They are becoming bolder more and more every day and it’s great to watch them playing with their big sister Rua.

“They will be an important addition to the studbook and we are proud they will be contributing to the conservation of this critically-endangered primate.”

Red ruffed lemurs are found in north-eastern Madagascar.


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