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Low profile movie arrival for Pitt

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has arrived in Scotland by train to shoot scenes for a new zombie movie.

The actor travelled on a Virgin train from London to Glasgow Central station with his partner Angelina Jolie.

Parts of Glasgow city centre are being turned into streets resembling the US city of Philadelphia for the World War Z movie.

Silver people carriers with tinted glass were allowed onto platform 11 at the station to take Pitt and Jolie away after they arrived.

Crowds were kept more than five metres away from the beginning of the platform and views were blocked by one of the vehicles.

Elsewhere in the city, work crews were putting up yellow traffic lights, while yellow taxis and white Philadelphia police cars were parked around George Square, a few streets from the station.

Signs for 16th street and "J F Kennedy Bl" were also visible in the area.

Glasgow City Council said the production will involve almost 1,200 people when on location and the impact on the local economy is likely to be more than £2 million.

Glasgow Film Office has been working with the production over the past few months to help secure locations in the city and co-ordinating arrangements with council departments and other public bodies to ensure minimal impact on normal business and access.

Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "This is fantastic for Glasgow. It is amazing to see all this work by the film crew to transform our city into a little slice of America."


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