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Majority of Brit voters would opt for EU exit

By Joe Churcher

Almost a third more voters want the UK to leave the EU as stay in - but around 12 million remain to be persuaded either way, a poll found.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults for ITV suggested the 'out' camp would outscore 'in' by 42% to 31% if there was an immediate referendum.

It also found high demand for a cap (60%) or even an outright ban (23%) on citizens of other EU countries being free to emigrate to Britain - with the public seeing EU immigration as a bad thing by 44% to 30%.

David Cameron fell short of such a move when he set out his demands for reform of freedom of movement rules.

The PM is instead seeking tougher welfare restrictions and deportation rights as part of a renegotiated package he would put to a referendum in 2017.

Mr Cameron backs EU membership but has signalled he could go with the "no" camp if he fails to secure key reforms.

More than a quarter of voters are still open to persuasion either way, the poll found, with 55% believing the UK could go it alone.

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