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Man admits voyeurism after filming women in toilets at Winter Wonderland


Tim Bastiaans wept during the hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court

Tim Bastiaans wept during the hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court

Tim Bastiaans wept during the hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court

A pervert faces a possible jail sentence after being caught filming women for sexual kicks in the ladies' toilets at Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park.

Tim Bastiaans, 26, admitted using his mobile phone camera to record women as they used a toilet at the Christmas theme park on November 28 last year.

The Dutch national, who was in the UK to work at Winter Wonderland, went into the ladies' toilets and placed his phone near a gap on the floor so he could film women in the adjacent cubicle "for the purposes of sexual gratification", Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.

He recorded one woman who was oblivious to the hidden camera, but a second woman spotted the phone and called police after confronting him.

Bastiaans, who was staying at the Radnor Hotel in Paddington and was due to return to the Netherlands on Thursday, pleaded guilty to one charge of voyeurism and another of attempted voyeurism and broke down in tears during the court hearing.

Magistrates warned him the offence was so serious that he could face a custodial sentence.

Prosecuting, Zahid Hussain said Bastiaans entered the cubicle at 6.10pm and recorded the first woman for around 30 seconds, though a later examination of the footage - which he tried to delete - did not show her using the toilet or in a state of undress.

But a second woman using the same cubicle 10 minutes later spotted the phone.

She initially thought a friend was playing a prank, but after knocking on the door of the adjacent cubicle discovered Bastiaans inside and confronted him.

The Dutch man denied filming the woman and tried to run off, but she and her friends searched him, seized his Dutch identity card and took photos of him before informing the police, who arrested him.

In interview, Bastiaans gave an explanation for his actions that "defies logic", Mr Hussain said - that he used the female toilets because the men's were "messy", that he had merely put his phone down on the floor next to his shoe, and that what he had done was "stupid".

He also claimed he was scared that the women might try to fight him, and did not report the incident to his manager as he was "ashamed".

Defending, Mehreen Lodhi told the court Bastiaans had admitted the accusations in a second police interview, and only ran off because he felt threatened after one of the women said she was calling her boyfriend. Bastiaans was granted conditional bail and will be sentenced at the same court on January 27.