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Man drowned pet dog in bath because he couldn't afford vet fee, court told

A man has claimed he was too skint to have his dog put down when he started to become aggressive that he drowned the pet in his bath instead.

Father-to-be Robert Oram, (25), held Staffordshire bull terrier Tyson under the water until he died and now faces six months in jail.

Oram, who is on benefits, claimed the dog hadn’t struggled when he did the cruel deed and that he later took him to the woods to bury him, where he “gave him a little funeral”, according to the Daily Mirror.

However, during a court case into the incident in Corby, Northants, in which Oram admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animal, RSPCA officers said a post mortem revealed that Tyson had suffered bruising as a result of the “force applied to the back of the skull” as he was held under the water.

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