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Man gatecrashes Brands Hatch race in Volkswagen Polo

By Aine Fox

Police are investigating a video shared online which has been viewed more than 200,000 times showing a car being driven onto a motorsport race track.

The driver, who has been named locally as 22 year-old Jack Cottle from Tonbridge, is reported to have told the Mail Online that the incident, which is thought to have taken place at West Kingsdown Racing track in Kent on Saturday, had been blown "out of all proportion".

The white Volkswagen car, carrying two passengers as well as the driver who is referred to throughout the video as Jack, is seen making its way along the Brands Hatch track during a race as other cars pass by.

The female sitting in the passenger seat asks near the beginning of the three minute 17 second video: "Does anyone not think it's weird that no-one's said anything?"

A few seconds later as the car enters the race track she begins to scream as the driver and person sitting in the back holding the camera phone laugh.

The female passenger later says: "I do not believe this, we will get arrested", before the car pulls over.

"It was something out of the ordinary," Jack told the Mail Online after the incident. "You only live once and I live every day like it's my last. Now I'm getting slated for being different."

The video provoked outrage on Twitter.

NBC Motorsport commentator and journalist Will Buxton said he hoped the recording was a hoax, and questioned how the car was able to get onto the track.

"The driver may be a complete idiot, but he should never have got even close to the paddock, let alone the pit lane or track," he tweeted.

"A huge part of me is praying this is a well orchestrated hoax. If not @MSAUK and @Brands-Hatch need a serious kick in the backside."

A second video shows the car during the race, with a commentator asking: "Why is there a Volkswagen Golf on the track? I know these are VW Beetles, but that's not quite right is it?"

Kent Police confirmed they are aware of the incident and are investigating the circumstances "to ascertain whether any offences have been committed".

Neither Brands Hatch nor the Motorsports Association have commented on the incident.

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