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Man linked to Sikh terrorism wins right to stay in UK

By John Aston

An Indian national once involved in Sikh terrorist activities has won a High Court battle to become a permanent resident in the UK.

Lawyers for the Home Secretary argued against the move on grounds including that it would "run contrary to the need to show the world that the UK would not accept terrorists".

But Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, said that approach was "not only unreasonable", but contrary to Government policy in such cases.

The judge also ruled that the man, known only as MS, from Leicester, might be entitled to damages because of restraints placed on his movements.

MS, now in his 40s, cannot be removed from the UK because it would breach his human rights.

The judge said he had been linked to Sikh extremist groups and involved in historic terrorist activities in India, which had led to him being assessed as "of interest to the Indian authorities".

The judge said he had also been assessed as facing a real risk of torture or being killed were he returned to India.

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