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Man 'murdered by suicide pair'

Detectives said they have abandoned an investigation into the death of a father of three after concluding that he had been murdered by two men who then took their own lives.

Derick Tempest, 30, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, vanished in October 2009 - his body was found in a river in the town in April this year.

Police said they thought Mr Tempest had been killed by Great Yarmouth garage owners James Hall, 60, and Andrew Ventham, 49. The bodies of the two men were found in the garage in November 2009. They were thought to have killed themselves by inhaling exhaust fumes.

Sources said one theory was that Mr Tempest had been blackmailing the two men after making allegations about them behaving inappropriately with two boys.

"Following our investigations there is strong evidence to suggest that Andrew Ventham and James Hall were responsible for the murder of Derick Tempest," said Detective Inspector Marie James.

"This is a line of enquiry we would be pursuing with the view to prosecuting had they been alive today."

A spokeswoman added: "A post-mortem examination was unable to establish the cause of death due to the circumstances in which the body was found.

"However, forensic examinations conducted earlier on in the investigation led to evidence which suggested that Mr Tempest came to serious harm at the garage."

Police announced the closure of the investigation as a coroner heard evidence about the three deaths at an inquest in Great Yarmouth.


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