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Man saved by paramedics after being tipped into bin lorry

Paramedics have rescued a man found inside a bin lorry in Warwickshire.

The man was believed to be asleep in a large industrial bin in Nuneaton when the load was tipped into a lorry at around 9.45am, West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) said.

The load was then compacted and it was only when the bin crew noticed movement and heard shouting they realised there was someone inside.

The air ambulance was sent to the scene and the man was taken by road to the University Hospital Coventry with "no obvious injuries" other than pain in his legs and back.

The ambulance service said crews had to remove the man from the top of the lorry and the rescue operation was "logistically difficult".

A spokesman for WMAS said: "First, the rubbish had to be moved to be able to reach the man who was given pain relief. He was then immobilised inside the lorry.

"A fire service ladder was placed inside the lorry. Meanwhile, outside, scaffolding was assembled along the side of the lorry. Ambulance and fire crews lifted him together up the ladder, over the top of the lorry, then down the side using the scaffolding."


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