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Man tackling fare dodger on Scottish train is YouTube hit

By Lucinda Cameron

A video of a passenger tackling a fare dodger on a train has become an internet hit.

More than 200,000 people have viewed the YouTube clip, which shows a young man arguing with a conductor and refusing to disembark despite not having a ticket.

A burly man then steps in to help and muscles the young man off the train, earning a round of applause from fellow passengers.

The video clip introduction says it was filmed on the ScotRail Edinburgh to Perth service on December 9.

It starts with the conductor asking the youth to leave.

“I can sit here all night, I'm getting paid for this, but these folk will start moaning. Not at me, at you. Why should they pay and you no,” he asks.

The young man swears and says he has paid but is told he only has a single ticket for the other direction.

A burly passenger then steps in and asks the conductor: “Do you want me to get him off for you?”

He is then seen grabbing the young man by the shoulders and propelling him towards the door and down on to the platform.

The youth apparently tries to get back on but the man bars the way. Fellow passengers applaud as he returns to his seat with one onlooker telling him: "Well played big man."

A ScotRail spokeswoman said: “While we welcome the public's support of our zero-tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour, our staff are trained in conflict management and we do not expect members of the public to take matters into their own hands.

“We are investigating the incident, which appears to show a person travelling without a valid ticket, refusing to pay for the journey, and swearing at a staff member.”

The video is titled ScotRail No Ticket.

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