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Man who has to tell police before he has sex is named

By Tom Wilkinson

A man who has to give police 24 hours notice before he has sex with a new partner, despite being cleared of rape, can be named as a 45-year-old former English literature student.

John O'Neill, who was made subject to an interim Sexual Risk Order (SRO) with a list of conditions, has said he had an interest in sado-masochism and used to visit a Fifty Shades of Grey-style fetish club.

The single father of two threatened to go on hunger strike in protest at the conditions he must live under, claiming they infringe his human rights. He has previously said he had no prospect of forming a relationship under the terms of the SRO.

Mr O'Neill appeared at York Magistrates' Court for a brief hearing where District Judge Adrian Lower lifted a reporting restriction which prevented the media from identifying him.

He was jostled by a member of the public as photographers took his picture when he entered court. A judge will decide at a hearing next month whether to end the interim order or make it permanent, which Mr O'Neill strongly opposes.

Mr O'Neill, of Baker Street, York, was tried for rape; at a first trial the jury was unable to reach a verdict and he was cleared at a retrial at Teesside Crown Court in November.

North Yorkshire Police then applied for an SRO with a number of conditions.

The effect has been to devastate his personal life, he said.

Mr O'Neill's history of S&M sex was brought up at the rape trial, including evidence from a doctor with whom he had discussed his past. Police thought what he told the doctor was confession not fantasy, he claimed.

Sexual risk orders can be applied to any individual who the police believe poses a risk of sexual harm.

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