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Man who stole octopus and condoms blames stress from work

A 49-year-old computerised lathe operator told a Worcester court that work pressures and alcohol were to blame for an opportunist stealing spree he embarked upon recently.

Mark Brookes stole multiple items on his spree including condoms, a can of tinned octopus, light sticks, bin liners and an ordnance survey map among other items according to Worcester News.

On June 1, the normally ‘hard-working and law-abiding’ citizen visited seven retail outlets from which he took a collection of random articles.

His barrister Sarah Brady told the court that Mr Brookes had been under the influence of alcohol and a build up of work-related stress attributed to his unusual actions.

“He works as a computerised lathe operator. He has difficulty dealing with the level of pressure. He knows there’s no excuse for what he did,” she said.

Mr Brookes was fined £150 and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge, costs of £85 and compensation of £2.99 to Tresspass where he stole the light sticks.

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