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Man who urinated on dog basket wears skirt to court

A man has appeared in court wearing a floral skirt and blouse after being told he was forbidden from wearing shorts.

David Jeffries-Tipton (47) from Stafford was turned away from Cannock Magistrate's court in Staffordshire after wearing shorts to his appearance before magistrates for a minor criminal damage charge.

After being denied entry to the building, Mr Jeffries-Tipton returned wearing a skirt and blouse after stating he would be making a complaint.

Magistrates, who allowed the case to proceed as normal, made no mention of his attire but chairman of the bench, Leonora Wilson-Weaver said the behaviour of Mr Jeffries-Tipton - who admitted damaging a £48 dog basket by urinating on it - had been of a “disgusting nature” and had an element of domestic violence to them.

A court spokesman said people are expected to dress accordingly in respect of ‘the dignity of the court’, while the defendant was ordered to re-appear on June 20 pending a probation report.

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