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Many youngsters use phone at wheel

More than 40% of young motorists use mobile phones while driving, according to a survey.

Nearly 43% of 17-25 year olds admitted making or receiving calls or texts while at the wheel, the poll by insurance company Swinton found.

More than 12% of these young motorists did not consider such practice was dangerous, the survey showed.

Lack of concern about the use of mobiles while driving was most prevalent among young drivers in north west England.

Also, a third of the 2,900 young drivers surveyed said changing tracks on iPods or mp3 players was not a risk.

Swinton claims manager Steve Chelton said: "Young drivers are only allowed six penalty points in their first two years of driving so it is vital that they drive by the rules of the road.

"Penalty points on a young drivers licence will only increase an already costly premium."


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