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Max Clifford: I'm not a pervert but many of the people I worked for were


Max Clifford arrives at Southwark Crown Court

Max Clifford arrives at Southwark Crown Court

Max Clifford arrives at Southwark Crown Court

Many of the stars who worked with Max Clifford were "perverts", the PR guru has claimed, but he denied that he was one himself.

Giving evidence at Southwark Crown Court yesterday, the 70-year-old said many of the stars he worked with would not have minded if he was a pervert, as long as he got "results".

Mr Clifford is standing trial accused of 11 counts of indecent assault against seven girls and women – all of which he denies.

Yesterday he was asked whether the string of allegations against him ended as he was becoming more famous himself and could not risk getting a reputation as a "pervert". He told the court: "Many of the stars I worked with were perverts, they wouldn't have been bothered if I was a pervert ... all they wanted was results."

He said he "wasn't a pervert", but added: "As long as I was able to create the right image and protect them, that's all that mattered to them."

The PR adviser, who has previously branded his accusers "fantasists and opportunists", said although he was "greedy" and "liked women", he was not interested in "silly little girls".

He told the court: "I was never frustrated... I have been very lucky."

He said that he had a "totally loving relationship" with his wife, as well as "loving relationships" with other long-standing mistresses.

Mr Clifford denies all charges. The case at Southwark Crown Court continues.

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