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Max Clifford jury hears publicist's penis is 'certainly not freakishly small, certainly not enormous' as defence opens


Publicist Max Clifford Max Clifford

Publicist Max Clifford Max Clifford


Publicist Max Clifford Max Clifford

The jury in the trial of celebrity publicist Max Clifford was yesterday told he has a penis “five and a quarter inches long” as his barrister Richard Horwell QC opened the defence case, saying it had only heard one side of the story.

Mr Clifford, 70, is giving evidence for the first time during his trial against claims he indecently assaulted seven women.

Mr Horwell said witnesses had given contradictory evidence over the size of Mr Clifford's penis, which ranged from “freakishly small” to “enormous”, but said it is in fact of an “average size”.

“His doctor has recently measured his penis,” he told the court.

“When flaccid, it is five and a quarter inches long - certainly not freakishly small, certainly not enormous.”

"None of these four witnesses is correct," Mr Horwell said. "That's because Mr Clifford has an average-sized penis. That will be his evidence."

As Mr Clifford took to the witness box, he contested allegations made by a prosecution witness who told the trial earlier this month that he had indecently assaulted her in his car after meeting her at a Wimpy restaurant.

Mr Clifford denied spending time in Wimpy in 1966, and said he did not have a car then and could not drive.

He told jurors he had sex in his office but only with a woman he was having an affair with, and because so many other people in his industry were also having affairs it seemed "natural".

"As and when and if something happened in the office it would have been very very occasional, spontaneous, after work with the doors locked. We went to hotels and motels, we went abroad...it was a relationship.

"Did I ever have sex in my office? Yes, but with someone I was having an affair with.

"I knew what I was doing was morally wrong. I didn't ever think I would be found out. Right from the start my work was helping everyone else from people finding out about their private lives.

"In hindsight of course looking back it was the wrong thing to do. If I hadn't been married I would have married her."

Mr Clifford told the court he had spoken about attending "sex parties" but denied they were "orgies".

When asked by Mr Howell if he had ever had sex with a woman without consent, Mr Clifford replied: "No."

"I get more pleasure from a woman getting pleasure from sex."

Mr Clifford said his PR business would have been "ruined" if he had gained a reputation for touching women.

"I've never had a contract with anybody in my life," he said. "My whole business is handshakes."

He said allegations that he had a sexual interest in children are “utterly revolting, utterly untrue, disgusting lies".

Earlier, extracts of a police interview with DC Nicholas Bale, at Belgravia station in February last year, were read out.

During these interviews, Mr Clifford admitted enjoying “slap and tickle - such as kissing and cuddling” in his office but only with women who were “willing and able” and not underage, Southwark Crown Court heard.

"I suppose my attitude was pretty normal, it was the 60s, 70s and 80s, it was a very active time," Mr Clifford said.

"It was a different era in the promiscuous swinging 60s and 70s, but because it was a different era doesn't mean to say I had to mislead women to have sex with me.

"This is obviously a long time ago. As to whether it was acceptable or not, I do think the 60s, 70s and 80s, things were different, what was kind of seen as almost normal, today would be very different."

When asked what sort of sexual activity he would engage in in his office, he had told police: "slap and tickle, kissing and cuddling, I might have had oral sex occasionally."

Mr Clifford told how sex was natural and better if the partner enjoyed it too. “It's a pride and ego thing”, he said.

He said an allegation he abused a 12-year-old girl on holiday in Spain in the early 1980s was "repulsive and totally untrue".

He later told police that he was not a "frustrated young guy" in his earlier life and he had been brought up to think sex was "fun and natural".

"I wasn't some grubby little wotsit. I have nothing to hide and I have nothing to be ashamed of," he told police.

Mr Clifford, from Hersham in Surrey, is accused of 11 counts of indecent assault against seven women and girls. He denies all the charges.

The trial continues.

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