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May must fund terror suspect visits

Home Secretary Theresa May has been ordered to contribute to the cost of family visits to a terror suspect who has been banned from the capital.

The man, referred to only as CD, was relocated to a Midlands city after security services named him as the leading figure in "a close group of Islamic extremists based in north London".

The High Court will decide whether to uphold the control order used by the Home Secretary to ban him from London next month, but in the meantime has ordered Mrs May to contribute towards his family's travel costs when they visit him.

The cost of the three-hour coach journey to visit the terror suspect, who has joint UK-Nigerian nationality, can reach £40 a trip, with taxi expenses on top, the court heard.

MI5 reports said CD had trained alongside the men behind the 21/7 bomb plot and attempted to obtain firearms.

In a written statement to MPs, Mrs May said the judge "found that the Secretary of State should contribute to the travel costs of CD's family".

She added: "He made clear that the finding in this case does not mean that a contribution to travel costs should be made in every case of relocation."

The statement came as Mrs May said the number of terror suspects subject to control orders has increased to 12, with two of these orders having been served since the last quarterly update to MPs.

In the judgment on CD's travel costs, Mr Justice Simon said "the interference in CD's Article 8 rights can and should be abated by the Secretary of State reimbursing at least a proportion of the costs of CD's family in travelling to the specified place".

He went on: The reason why CD's family have to travel to the relocation place has nothing to do with them, and I can see no reason why the costs of visits should fall on them. I make it clear that I am not to be understood to reaching a conclusion that a travel allowance should be made in every case of relocation."


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