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Mayor Boris throws his hat in the ring for safe Tory seat


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has announced he will seek to make a Commons comeback as MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip at the general election.

The London Mayor put an end to speculation over his plans by confirming that he has applied to be the Tory candidate in the safe seat next year.

"I'm sure there will be plenty of excellent candidates and I hope very much to make my case to the association," he said.

The move is widely interpreted as positioning to take over from David Cameron as Conservative leader in the future.

However, the Prime Minister has insisted he would be delighted to have the Mayor back in parliament, saying he wanted his "star players on the pitch".

An uneasy meeting for leaders

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine have met face-to-face for the first time since June to talk about the fighting that has engulfed Ukraine's separatist east.

But from their opening remarks, it appears unlikely that Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko will find common ground.

The meeting in the Belarusian capital of Minsk came as Ukraine said it had captured 10 Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine and shelling spread to a new front in the country's south east.

Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of supporting and arming the pro-Russian rebels fighting government troops, which Russia always denies.

Under pressure to seek a negotiated settlement and not a military victory, Mr Poroshenko said the purpose of his visit was to start searching for a political compromise and promised that the interests of Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine would be taken into account.

Mr Putin devoted most of his opening remarks to trade, arguing that Ukraine's decision to sign an association agreement with the 28-nation EU would lead to huge losses for Russia, which would then be forced to protect its economy.

Israel and Hamas agree ceasefire

Israel has accepted an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire plan to end its seven-week war in the Gaza Strip.

An official said that Israel had "responded positively" to Egypt's call for an open-ended ceasefire with Hamas and other miltant groups.

Israel is now expected to ease its blockade of Gaza to allow humanitarian and construction materials to enter.

The official said indirect talks on more substantial issues would begin in Cairo within a month. Areas for negotiation are expected to include Hamas's call for an end to Israel's blockade, and Israel's demand that Hamas disarms.

Before the news broke, Israel bombed two large high-rise buildings with dozens of homes and shops in Gaza City.

Palestinian police said the 15-floor Basha Tower had been levelled in the attack.

The second building – the Italian Complex, which has 72 apartments and 60 stores – was badly damaged.

Both towers had been evacuated before the strikes.

Ukip selects Farage to contest seat at election

The Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been selected by local party officials as their candidate to stand in the South Thanet seat in next year's general election.

Branch members chose Mr Farage ahead of three other candidates as the party's parliamentary candidate for the Kent constituency.

The Ukip leader will now seek to win the seat currently held by the Conservative MP Laura Sandys, who won South Thanet with a majority of 7,617 at the last election in 2010.

Uzi girl (9) accidentally kills shooting instructor

A shooting instructor has died after he was accidentally shot while showing a nine-year-old girl how to use an automatic Uzi.

Charles Vacca (39) died on Monday after he was shot at the Last Stop shooting outdoor range, Mohave County Sheriff's officials said.

Mr Vacca was airlifted to the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas, the officials said.

According to investigators, Mr Vacca was standing next to the girl when she pulled the trigger and the recoil sent the gun over her head.

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