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Meghan was calm and chatty ahead of wedding, hair stylist reveals

Serge Normant said it was ‘dreamy’ to work with Meghan.

The Duchess of Sussex was a calm and chatty bride, with no signs of nerves on her wedding morning, according to her hair stylist.

Serge Normant said it was “dreamy” to work with Meghan, creating a bun that was “messy in a controlled way”.

The pair, who met through friends around a year ago, clicked immediately on the “timeless” style they wished her to have for her union with the Duke of Sussex on Saturday.

Just hours before she emerged onto the steps of St George’s Chapel to a worldwide audience, Meghan appeared relaxed, Mr Normant said.

“She was calm, yeah. Chatty, absolutely. We were definitely having exchanges, yeah for sure,” he said.

Mr Normant, 52, who flew from his New York base especially to style Meghan’s hair, said he had spoken with the newly-married couple after the wedding, describing Meghan as “thrilled” and Harry as “fantastic”.

He said: “She was thrilled, yeah she was very happy.”

On Harry, he added: “He’s Prince Harry, he’s fantastic. A beautiful couple.”

“She was very happy. It was a beautiful morning, just the perfect morning to get married.”

Asked if there were any signs of nerves, the Paris-born hairdresser said: “No I don’t think so, she was just very happy, very happy, very excited.”

That morning had been “just one of those dreamy moments to be quite honest”, he said.

Meghan's hair was described as a 'messy bun' (Steve Parsons/PA)

Speaking at Kensington Palace on Sunday, Mr Normant told how he had been inspired by the 1960s and icons such as Audrey Hepburn for the style, which took just an hour to put in place.

He said he would term the style “a messy bun”, quickly adding “it just has to be messy in a controlled way”.

The simple, loose ‘do could be fairly easily recreated by anyone keen to get the look, he said.

He advised using some regular, long hair pins, not too much product, and a lot of teasing underneath.

Describing how someone could achieve the style, he said: “Blow dry, a few products, I used a little mousse, a little texturising product, just to make it more shiny.”

Hair stylist Serge Normant (Hannah McKay/PA)

He added: “It’s not such a big process, you know it’s a part in the middle, you want to keep it a little loose. The key is not making it too tight.”

He said he wanted Meghan to be able to simply tuck away any flyaway strands throughout the day.

Mr Normant said he was put at ease by Meghan’s relaxed nature, particularly when handling the Diamond Bandeau tiara, which had been loaned to the bride by the Queen.

He said: “You just have to kind of separate the two things because otherwise I would shake. I didn’t want to shake with the history in that tiara.

“The thing is working with Meghan, she makes everything so light and easy that you don’t think about these things in that dramatic way.”

He added that he would like to work with Meghan in future, saying: “They know where to find me”.

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