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Memory of Jo Cox honoured by her sister


Jo Cox (Jo Cox Foundation/PA)

Jo Cox (Jo Cox Foundation/PA)

Jo Cox (Jo Cox Foundation/PA)

Jo Cox's sister will mark three years since the former Labour MP was elected to Parliament by pledging to carry on honouring her memory.

Kim Leadbeater said the former Batley and Spen MP, who was elected at the 2015 general election, was "over the moon" to have won the vote to serve the area she grew up in.

"Jo's life and her career were cruelly cut short just over a year later. I recently celebrated my 42nd birthday and it was tough because Jo, my older sister, never got to see 42," Ms Leadbeater added.

"What has helped get us through as a family is the amazing way so many have joined us in keeping her memory and the values she stood for alive."

Many people took part in events on the anniversary of her murder, Ms Leadbeater said, with another weekend of events planned next month.

She added: "Jo believed passionately that no problem was too difficult to overcome."

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