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Men spend more on having fun, new research suggests

By Vicky Shaw

Men typically splash out £80 more than women each month on leisure pursuits such as dining and drinking out, playing sports and buying new gadgets, research suggests.

The average amount that men said they spend each month on "non-essentials" is £412, while women said they spend £332 on this in a typical month, according to a survey of more than 2,000 people for website

Women typically estimated that they set aside a higher proportion of their monthly income on essential household bills, utilities and childcare than men, at 22% compared with the typical figure of 18% for men.

And they said they spend around 22% of their monthly pay packet on groceries, while for men the typical figure given was 19%, according to the research conducted in May.

Looking at leisure spending, the report found that men spend around £45 a month on eating out while women spend £33 typically.

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