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Metropolitan Police defiant over search that went viral

By Hayden Smith

A police chief has defended officers after a video showing them embroiled in a heated exchange over a stop and search procedure was seen by more than a million people online.

Metropolitan Police commander Simon Letchford took the unusual step of issuing a lengthy account of the police response after footage of the incident in South Norwood in south-east London was uploaded to Facebook.

The clip shows a man angrily arguing with a group of officers while they search his bag. Adrian Medford (34), from Croydon, said he was outside his home on April 16 when a friend he was with was stopped, searched and handcuffed. He said his friend dipped into his bag to give his daughter money "to go buy sweets".

Mr Medford said he uploaded the incident because the police "were totally out of order".

In a blog post issued by Scotland Yard, Mr Letchford said that because the incident was uploaded to social media, viewers watched it "without background knowledge that it all started with a credible call from a concerned member of the public that they thought drugs were being sold to young people in their community".

Having watched the film, he said he has "no reason to be concerned about how the officers acted."

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