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Michael Gove: young business people go to London for loads of hot sex


Education Secretary Michael Gove

Education Secretary Michael Gove


Education Secretary Michael Gove

Education Secretary Michael Gove now believes he has found the answer to attracting more young entrepreneurs to London: All the “hot sex” on offer.

Providing his expert analysis on why young businessmen and woman come to London, the Education Secretary said that it is "not so much the high-tech opportunities" that provide the capital’s big attraction, but rather: "[The] great opportunities to be successful, enjoy a great culture, have a good time and loads of hot sex".

Supposedly fully aware of how London measures up to other cities in those departments, he added: “Only Berlin comes close!” The Daily Mail reports.

“We are increasing computer science lessons in school, but there are some things the Government cannot do,” he reportedly conceded.

Mr Gove made the observation during a Cabinet meeting with Joanne Shields, who, as chair of Tech City UK and the UK Ambassador for Digital Industries is charged with bringing in more tech talent and investment to the UK. She apparently smiled politely - after an awkward silence.

The meeting was attended by David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May, both of which reportedly reacted like embarrassed parents. While Mrs May gasped, the Prime Minister quickly remarked: “Make sure that does not appear in the minutes,” an eyewitness present at the meeting reportedly said.

Unfazed by the reaction, Mr Gove allegedly added that he “thought everyone knew that,” explaining that he had drawn the conclusion after speaking with business people at a event hosted by the Founders Forum, a private network of media and tech entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors.

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