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Migrant crisis: French train company SNCF 'offers refugees free travel'

A French railway company is offering groups of migrants free travel, it has been reported.

An internal document sent to staff at SNCF directed that fees be waived under certain circumstances to show "humanity".

It suggested the move would help in cases such as an "abnormally large group of individuals wanting to board without tickets towards a specific destination".

"Some routes can hand out, if conditions permit it, zero-euro bookings for exceptional measures to ease regulating life on board and the comfort of other passengers," French newspaper Le Figaro said.

The move has sparked outrage, with members of far-right anti-immigration party the National Front suggesting that people from other countries were being given preferential treatment over the French.

SNCF is France's national state-owned railway company.

Most refugees travel with tickets they have bought, a spokesman for SNCF told France TV Info, but he added that it can be a "complicated" situation.

He said: "We sometimes come across people without a ticket or who maybe don't have the right one. And it's not always easy to get the right ticket to the right destination when you don't speak French."


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