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Miliband to publish donor meetings

Ed Miliband has promised to publish details of his private meetings with major Labour donors as he renewed his call for an independent inquiry into allegations that Conservative supporters were offered access to the Prime Minister in return for cash.

David Cameron has revealed the names of 17 Tory donors who had been invited to dine with him at Downing Street or Chequers since he became Prime Minister in 2010.

The Prime Minister gave in to intense pressure to expose the meetings with wealthy benefactors - between them thought to have given the Tories £23 million since 2005 - after party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas was caught promising meetings and influence in return for cash.

Mr Miliband is now expected to release details of private meetings with major donors since he became Labour leader by the end of this week.

"I'm very happy to publish and to be very transparent about what we do and who we meet," said Mr Miliband.

"But what I do say is let's be realistic about what happened here. We've got an issue about the way in which government is being conducted, the way in which Downing Street is being used.

"That is, I think, what concerned people: Downing Street, Chequers, the way that those Government buildings have been used.

"That is why we need not just proper transparency from the Government, but we also need a proper inquiry, an independent inquiry into what happened."

Mr Cameron's promise of a party inquiry into the Cruddas affair, chaired by Tory peer Lord Gold, was denounced by Labour as a "whitewash".

It has called for an independent investigation by the Prime Minister's official adviser on ministerial interests, Sir Alex Allan.


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