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Miliband's 'Ed Stone' found: limestone policy slab located in south London warehouse

The hunt for Ed Miliband’s missing ‘Ed Stone’ is officially over.

While the former Labour leader hits Ibiza to “get away from it all”, his loyal concrete policy slab appears to have endured a far less spectacular exit from the world of politics.

The Guardian uncovered its whereabouts in a south London warehouse – on an industrial estate called Westminster.

A worker at the warehouse told the Daily Mail: "You wouldn't be able to find it in there if you wanted to. Everything is boxed up or wrapped, so it's hard even for me to tell one from another."

The 8ft 6in-high limestone monument marked on of the most questionable moments of the Miliband campaign trail.

It was ceremoniously unveiled in a car park in Hastings, ‘setting in stone’ six of the key policies the Labour leader pledged to see actualised if he became Prime Minister.

If all went to plan and he won the election, the idea was it would be erected in the Rose Garden of Downing Street or in the party’s HQ.

Sadly, the election didn’t go quite as planned for Miliband. The landslide Conservative majority in England, and the SNP winning all but four seats in Scotland, leading to his resignation.

Since then, the ‘Ed Stone’ – which is rumoured to be worth upwards of £30,000 – had been missing, and the right-wing tabloid press were offering rewards for its return.

The Sun set up a dedicated ‘Ed Stone Hotline’, urging those with any information on the missing monument to come forward.

The Mail offered a case of Champagne to readers who can supply them with the essentially useless but mildly amusing details as to its whereabouts.

The Telegraph’s political team , meanwhile, went as far as to attempt to find out exactly where the stone had been manufactured, contacting over 50 masonary firms. Alas, no one has thus far admitted to creating the object.

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