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Minister tells Labour firebrand Dennis Skinner ‘you must be hell to live with’

The veteran MP looked stunned as Business Minister Claire Perry took him to task.

Business Minister Claire Perry responds to Labour MP Dennis Skinner (Parliament)
Business Minister Claire Perry responds to Labour MP Dennis Skinner (Parliament)

Labour firebrand Dennis Skinner was left uncharacteristically speechless after being ticked off for interrupting in a Commons question session.

Business Minister Claire Perry snapped at Mr Skinner, who is nicknamed “the Beast of Bolsover” for his no nonsense questions and interventions, after he heckled her several times during business questions.

Ms Perry told the veteran MP “you must be hell to live” — drawing laughs from the Labour and Tory benches.

Mr Skinner had first asked a question about zero hour contracts and told ministers that until they were abolished he would not “believe a word they say”.

Ms Perry began her response by telling the Bolsover MP that he was “just wrong”, she said: “He will know, if he would just listen for one second, that many people on zero hour contracts actually choose that level of flexibility.”

Mr Skinner continued to shout “they’re called zero hour contracts” from a sedentary position at which Ms Perry hit back saying: “Blimey you must be hell to live with, he must hell to live with Mr Speaker, clearly.

“He will know that this Government is the Government determined to drive up wages and standards for working people because we are the party of working people not the north London intelligentsia.”



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