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More families fear loved ones could be among Essex lorry tragedy victims

Family members of Pham Tra My attend a prayer ceremony with Buddhist monks in Vietnam
Family members of Pham Tra My attend a prayer ceremony with Buddhist monks in Vietnam
Possible victim: Anna Bui Thi Nhung
Possible victim: Pham Tra My
Nguyen Dinh Tu
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

More families of those feared to have been among the 39 people found dead in a shipping container have been coming forward in Vietnam.

They include the sister of a 15-year-old Vietnamese boy who thinks he died trying to reunite with his parents.

Teenager Nguyen Huy Hung would be the youngest victim of the tragedy.

While his death has not been confirmed, his sister (16) who lives in South Korea, told friends on Facebook: "My brother left France for the UK and we have not been able to contact him since then."

The boy's parents have said they lost contact with their son on the day of the tragedy.

Authorities in Vietnam have began visiting the homes of 24 families to collect DNA samples to speed up the identification process.

Pham Tra My (26) has not been in contact after sending a final horrifying message saying: "I can't breathe. Mum, I'm very sorry."

Among the other possible victims, the family of Anna Bui Thi Nhung (19) say she dreamed of being a nail technician.

Her elder sister Bui Thi Loan said the family wanted her body repatriated so that she could be buried in the village that she had left in search of a better life.

Anna lived in the village of Yen Thanh, about 170 miles from the country's c apital Hanoi.

Less than half-a-mile away in the same village, another family believe former soldier Nguyen Dinh Tu also died in the trailer.

A third possible victim from the village has been named as former policeman Le Van Ha, who was yet to meet his three-month-old son.

Hoang Van Tiep (18) is feared to have died with his cousin Hung Nguyen (33).

Another of the suspected victims is 20-year-old Nguyen Dinh Luong.

His father Nguyen Dinh Gia said his son planned to work in a nail salon when he got to Britain.

Another father, Nguyen Dinh Gia, fears his 20-year-old son, Nguyen Dinh Luong, was among the victims.

Dad-of-two Vo Ngoc Nam (28) is reported to have told his wife he had boarded a lorry in France on Tuesday.

Bui Phan Thang left behind a wife and three children in Vietnam before attempting to travel to the UK.

He told his family in Britain on Monday he was about to get into a vehicle, but no one has had contact with him since.

Vo Nhan Du Vo (19) is believed to have left Belgium on Tuesday and has not been in touch.

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