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More than 1,000 driving bans handed to children – report

Some of those disqualified from driving last year were said to be as young as 12.

More than 1,000 driving bans were handed out to children aged 16 and under last year.

According to figures obtained by the BBC, a total of 1,024 disqualifications were issued in 2017 to children not yet legally old enough to drive – a rise from 696 in 2014.

The DVLA data, revealed to the broadcaster following a Freedom of Information request, also showed 33 driving bans were given to youngsters aged 13 and under – some as young as 12 – during the same period.

Motoring company RAC said the figures could be the “tip of the iceberg”.

Spokesman Simon Williams told the broadcaster: “It presents such a danger to every other road user, because they’re not only driving without a licence, they don’t have insurance.

“No doubt this is the tip of the iceberg because they have to be caught breaking the law and inevitably many will be getting away scot-free.”

Courts can impose driving bans for those convicted of driving without a licence – including those underage – as well as issue penalty points or fines.


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