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Morocco couple row claims 'untrue'

The families of a couple who were killed in separate falls while on holiday with their four sons said claims they had a "furious argument" before the double tragedy were "totally untrue" and "deeply hurtful".

Roger and Mathilde Lamb were on holiday with their children in the tourist resort of Essaouira on Morocco's Atlantic coast when they died in separate incidents.

The exact circumstances of the death of the husband and wife, from Pensham, near Pershore, Worcestershire, are still unknown.

It has been reported that neighbours heard the pair arguing just minutes before Mrs Lamb, know as Tilly, plunged to her death from the apartment her family were staying in.

But her brother-in-law Mark Rogerson, speaking on behalf of the couple's families, dismissed the claims.

He said: "Reports of an argument between Roger and Tilly shortly before her death are utterly and totally untrue - as well as being deeply hurtful to the family. There was no argument at all. It was an amicable holiday. They were discussing the possibility of relocating the family to New Zealand."

Mr Rogerson, who lives in France, said that one of the couple's sons had given his version of the events leading up to the first tragedy.

He added: "On the night in question, there was a great deal of noise outside the apartment. Somebody started knocking on the ground-floor door of the building. Tilly leaned out to see who it was and to tell them to leave.

"Because of an awning at first-floor level, she could not see the door below. She leaned out further and fell. The source for this information is one of the Lambs' sons, who was in the apartment at the time."

Mr Lamb died after a separate fall at a different building a few days later, the Foreign Office confirmed. The couple's sons, who are aged between nine and 16, are now in the UK being looked after by relatives.


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