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Moss pays tribute in Ziggy outfit

Supermodel Kate Moss was into vintage Bowie tonight - as she wore one of his Ziggy Stardust outfits to collect a prize on his behalf at the Brit Awards.

The catwalk star was on hand for the ceremony because David Bowie, 67, chose to stay at home in New York rather than attend the event to pick up his best British male award - his first Brit for 18 years.

He previously won the prize 30 years ago, and the only other win he has notched up during his long career was an honorary title in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to music.

Moss arrived secretly, avoiding the red carpet, to surprise guests at the event. And when she arrived on stage the 40-year-old model was wearing an outfit which Bowie himself made famous at one of the most celebrated stages of his career.

He originally donned the leotard-style garment while appearing at London's Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park on August 19, 1972. The costume, called 'Woodland Creatures' but popularly known as his 'rabbit costume' was designed by Kansai Yamamoto.

Moss and Bowie have had an association for a number of years, with the model interviewing Bowie for Q magazine more than a decade ago, also posing for a cover shoot together.

With tonight's win he has become the oldest star to be awarded a Brit, succeeding Sir Tom Jones who was 62 when he picked up his outstanding contribution prize.

Bowie returned to the music world early last year surprising his fans by coming out of what had appeared to be retirement, releasing his album The Next Day after a ten-year recording silence.