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Mother of five died after vinegar abortion bid

The dangers of do-it-yourself abortions has been highlighted with the death of a mother of five who tried to abort her pregnancy with industrial strength vinegar.

Catherine Furey (38) researched the ill-advised home termination on the internet and suffered a fatal reaction to the high acid content.

At the time Ms Furey, from Salford, Greater Manchester, was grief-stricken over the death of her father and her grieving widow Craig (39) said he had no idea she was pregnant or why she did not go to her own doctor.

“She was in bits at the time as she had just lost her dad and she just did something silly.

"I don’t blame her - she just wasn’t thinking straight.”

The Food Standards Agency said: “Drinking vinegar, even in large quantities, is unlikely to have an effect as vinegar is a dilute solution, usually 5% acetic acid.

“However, when acetic acid is ingested in high concentrations it can be harmful as it is corrosive. We are aware of previous fatalities.”

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