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Mother slams walking frame thieves

The mother of a disabled six-year-old boy has condemned thieves who stole a walking frame which he relies upon to move around.

The red walking frame, which cost £150, was stolen from the front garden of the home of Aston Muff in Harleston Road, Portsmouth, on August 12 while he and his mother, Susan, left it for a moment to go inside the house.

Ms Muff said: "Aston was very upset about the theft of his frame as it means he will have to rely on his wheelchair until a replacement can be purchased or the original frame returned.

"Aston is a very independent young child and whilst his disability means that he struggles with walking, the frame gives him a small amount of independence when he is with his friends.

"The frame means that he can walk beside his friends and play with them like any other child, without relying on someone else to push him in his wheelchair everywhere."

Pc Steve Galmoye-Webster, of Hampshire Police, said: "I believe this was a calculated act by someone who must have realised that the walking frame is needed by the owner.

"The walking frame was next to the boy's school bag and was obviously still in use.

"The six-year-old's mum has told police that he's had his independence taken away by a callous thief."


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